The dark knight viral marketing

Let's take a look at the reasons why this viral campaign is brilliant.
Call the phone number, and be lured into Joker's criminal conspiracy.
It's common knowledge that the more fans-and the more passionate these fans-are, the more that media will spread.
The Dark Knight, one round of the campaign involved random people having to go to major cities across the.S.
It allows those fans to believe in a real Gotham City, right down to electing city officials.One user mocked Ledger, Heath Ledger has been cast as reduction europcar easyjet The Joker thats what Ive read on the net.And on the inside, a phone - and more clues.That was the weekend of the premiere.And I'll gladly be revisiting this article and my opinion on July 18th, when theaters around the world are packed full of fans and non-fans alike - when The Dark Knight shatters all box office records and proves that this campaign was more than effective.That is the coolest thing I have ever seen in terms of viral marketing!Before considering the marketing campaign for.The cards led to the Harvey Dent for District Attorney website - in an election that only existed in Gotham City.We gave fans the chance to directly involve themselves in the world of Gotham - from helping Harvey Dent become District Attorney to serving as henchmen in the Jokers army to joining Citizens for Batman.Following on from this poster, some more basic character posters were released for the Joker, Batman and Harvey Dent the first time he would appear in the poster campaign. .On m, a popular website for fans of comic-books, the reception of Ledgers casting was anything but complimentary. .Having people clicking buttons on a screen and sharing it with friends online is good, but having people dressing up and holding rallies for fictional district attorneys takes it to a whole new and unprecedented level. .

Soon, the website was defaced by a maniacal hand.
He believes that viral marketing on the whole is an entirely ineffective waste of money.
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The alternative reality game has proven to be an effective tool for achieving success with a viral marketing campaign, especially for a film with a fan base as strong and as committed as the fans of Batman, or comic books in general. .
We created a direct-action group dedicated to supporting Batman.The Dark Knight is a perfect example of viral marketing and is widely considered to be one of the best examples of it within the film industry. .If there's only one thing to support, no one cares that much.Rent-a-Clown to thank the caller.The people who took part in this ARG became a community who began sharing content and clues. .To make Gotham City real.So whats the Joker going to threaten Batman with, a big kiss on the lips or make him watch Brokeback five times?