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French-Italian architect Alberto Cattani : all the materials, colours and lights have been chosen to make the audience feel relaxed.
Cinè Citè has brought to fruition its first Italian project: 12 air-conditioned rooms,.500 seats, a wide variety of films and giant screen with Dolby Surround.
The recipe HT divide between exhibitors and distributors based on the rate of film rental increases of 4 cents per entry between 20,.56 million in total, a trend reflecting lower VAT rate on January 1 of 7.50.
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Latest posts by Patrick von Sychowski ( see all ) Tags: France, Box Office, CNC, cinema audience decline, 4 euro tickets, fncf, admissions.UGC-snoep kost stukken van mensen.On French exhibitors introduced a scheme whereby children under the age of 14 would only pay four euro (4 USD.25) for cinema tickets for every screening of every film for every day.Link, french chocolat cadeau invité mariage parents apparently dont just dump their offspring at 4 matinees, but true to the intentions, make cinema visits a family outing.If you bought your tickets at the electronic terminals, just skip the queue at the register.So far the numbers seem to be validating the proponents of the initiative.The prices are ridiculous.This operation, launching in 2014 but which is intended to continue beyond, is in the context of the governments decision to lower on January 1st the VAT on cinema admissions.5 to 5 said Marc-Olivier Sebbag, General Manager of the fncf (National Federation.

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Un franc succès pour lopération cinéma à 4 euros pour les jeunes (A success for the operation 4 euros cinema for youth but with a wordplay on franc) it is noted: In the first six months of the year, attendance was.4, an increase.
(At 4,10 xD) Avid cinema-goers can save money with the UGC Unlimited Card.
Between January and June, however, the admissions at 9 euros and above have increased.7, a figure which again explains the success of the operation at 4, children under 14 years being more often accompanied by the one or more adults paying the full.Films and show times, uGC Romagna Cinema official webpage, a cinema designed for any kind of films and to host any kind of audience.It would thus be wrong to prescribe a 4/5 under-14 cinema ticket panacea for cinema attendance decline in western Europe to all other countries.Get UGC Unlimited and watch all the movies you want for 19 a month.This fact is reflected in the average ticket price for the period, which increased slightly.Not a great cinema experience!As for the economic aspect, it is about creating the spectators of tomorrow for European cinema, which is a major industry, Xavier Lardoux said.In the middle of the city centre and close to the steakhouses, parking available and close to bus terminal and central train staion.It is important to remember that the scheme has only been running for six months, which also coincided with a streak of successful French films, with the top three films for the year-to-date all domestic productions (followed by four Fox films!) according.