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The Sonicare promo whisky auchan group decreased from 78 bleeding sites at baseline.5 after 1 month.
2, however a 2004 review of 29 studies concluded that only electric toothbrushes with rotational/oscillation movement removed more plaque than other brushes when correctly used.
The important consideration from this case is that there are alternatives to string floss that can be offered.Interproximal plaque scores also improved in both groups with time, and the mean differential Sonicare post-brushing score was significantly better than the Braun at the 6-month visit (t-test;.039).8 date concours infirmier 2018 nimes (1 Spec.Subjects were randomly assigned to use either the manual or the Sonicare toothbrush, instructed in its use, and asked to brush each morning and evening for 2 minutes.Click here to subscribe."A review of the clinical efficacy of the Oral-B oscillating/rotating power toothbrush and the Philips Sonicare toothbrush in normal subject populations".Biesbrock, AR; Bartizek, RD; Walters, PA; Warren, PR; Cugini, M; Goyal, CR; Qaqish, J (2007).Rather than connecting to its charger with conductors, it uses inductive charging the charger includes the primary winding of the voltage-reducing transformer and the fat handle of the brush includes the secondary winding.6, individual studies have shown that Sonicare toothbrushes are more effective in plaque removal and reduction in gingivitis compared to manual toothbrushes."Sonicare - ou mettre le code promo chez cdiscount Our Story".

David Engel and Roy Martin.
Pocket depth reduction in the Sonicare group was, however, significantly greater than in the manual group (28.
6, respectively:.001).Pelka, Anna-Kristina; Nagler, Tonia; Hopp, Imke; Petschelt, Anselm; Pelka, Matthias Anton (August 2011).And that is exactly what we want for our patients!He reported that it did take him several days to adapt to using the AirFloss Pro, but once he felt comfortable using the device, he felt that this was much easier to use than string floss.7 8, history edit.Total gram-negative bacteria in subgingival plaque samples from banded test teeth of a subset of patients were reduced in the Sonicare group (p.05 but increased in the manual group.Sonicare was statistically superior to the manual brush in supragingival plaque reduction (57.Gingival Index scores fell by 29 percent in the Sonicare group, but only 3 percent in the manual group.Gingival inflammation also decreased in both groups over the 6-month period, but the Sonicare group showed significantly superior PBS scores at 4 months (t-test;.002) and 6 months (p.005).The results demonstrate that the Sonicare brush was significantly more effective than the manual brush in all clinical parameters.

5, an additional study showed that while both Sonicare and.
His home care regimen consisted of manual tooth brushing twice daily and intermittent flossing.
Mean pocket depths were significantly reduced compared to baseline values in both the Sonicare and the manual groups (p.001).