Promo poele a granule

promo poele a granule

With Bellik I gained.
Reserve best IN show veteran!
Gideon, Camahr and Bellik are owned by Anja Helsen ( salukis4ever britt and Jaslyn are owned by kennel Of Aislynn Forest).
Sbratelství Klany, lillaSeiler - pátelé, lillaSeiler nemá v tuto chvíli ádné pidané pátele.
With Jaslyn I gained a acheter liseuse promo nice.Here I have shown Saluki Gideon Djaal Lhilal, called concours de dunk 1988 Gideon, in the Championsclass dogs.Judge for BIS was mrs.On 29 August, 2010, I have shown golden retriever Dancing Sapphire of Aislynn Forest, called Jaslyn, in the Youthclass bitches.

Fighting as our leaders showed us to fight.
With Camahr I gained.
Later that day Bellik and I gained.Judge for Group 10 was.Camahr Djaal Lhilal, because I had won the group with Multi.Camahr did very well and I gained.With Gideon I gained 1EX, res CAC/res cacib!Our forefathers set out to create a new world, one away from oppressive Crown rule and a place where we would all eventually belong!Best IN show 6!But, we cant forget what came before us to allow us to have a celebration.Bellik Djaal Lhilal, i also have shown Saluki Bellik Djaal Lhilal, called Bellik.

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