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31 At the end of Napoleon's First Italian Campaign in 1797, the Treaty of Campo Formio was signed with Count Philipp von Cobenzl of the Austrian Monarchy.
48 The 583-item Collection La Caze donated in 1869, included works by Chardin ; Fragonard ; Rembrandt such as Bathsheba at Her Bath and Gilles by Watteau.
6 During the French Revolution, the National Assembly decreed that the Louvre should be used as a museum to display the nation's masterpieces.
The collection, among the world's largest, overviews Egyptian life spanning Ancient Egypt, the Middle Kingdom, the New Kingdom, Coptic art, and the Roman, Ptolemaic, and Byzantine periods.Archived from the original on Retrieved b Mignot,. ."The Louvre's Art: Priceless.92 Originally part of the decorative arts department, the holdings became separate in 2003.France agreed to rotate between 200 and 300 artworks during a 10-year period; to provide management expertise; and to provide four temporary exhibitions a year for 15 years.

From Royal to National: The Louvre Museum and the Bibliothèque Nationale.
90 After the 4th century BC, focus on the human form increased, exemplified by the Borghese Gladiator.
In the 16th century, Renaissance influence caused French sculpture to become more restrained, as seen in Jean Goujon 's bas-reliefs, and Germain Pilon 's Descent from the Cross and Resurrection of Christ.
199201, 27273, 33335 According to Giorgio cadeau ecolo bebe Vasari, Michelangelo's Leda and the Swan, (now lost) was acquired by Francis.
540530 BC Frankish, ivory, Christ between two apostles, 5th century Islamic art from Iraq, terracotta cup, 9th century See also edit Notes and references edit a b Visitor Figures 2016: The grand totals: exhibition and museum attendance numbers worldwide Archived t the Wayback Machine., The.Among the works are the Pyxide d'al-Mughira, a 10th century ivory box from Andalusia ; the Baptistery of Saint-Louis, an engraved brass basin from the 13th or 14th century Mamluk period; and the 10th century Shroud of Saint-Josse from Iran.22 On, Louis XVI was imprisoned and the royal collection in the Louvre became national property.In 1871, the burning of the Tuileries Palace by the Paris Commune revealed that the Louvre was slightly askew of the Axe despite past appearances to the contrary.7 Main article: Louvre Palace The Louvre Palace, which houses the museum, was begun as a fortress by Philip II in the 12th century to protect the city from English soldiers which were in Normandy."Rapport Matteoli, Le pillage de l'art en France pendant l'occupation et la situation des 2000 oeuvres confiées aux Musées nationaux,.The 17th and 18th centuries are represented by Gian Lorenzo Bernini 's 16401 Bust of Cardinal Richelieu, Étienne Maurice Falconet 's Woman Bathing and Amour menaçant, and François Anguier 's obelisks.Under the Directory government of the 1790s, Napoleon (then a General) led an expedition to Egypt.52 a b Alderson,.25 a b Plant,.57 Loyrette has tried rapport jury concours bibliothécaire d'état to improve weak parts of the collection through income generated from loans of art and by guaranteeing that "20 of admissions promo chaises scandinaves receipts will be taken annually for acquisitions".

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69 Six cities were considered for the project: Amiens, Arras, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais, Lens, and Valenciennes.