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I don't see a supercharged C14 "sport touring" machine in the epreuve concours douane senegal pdf near, or distant future.they already created a niche market "money pit" for anyone with enough disposable income to afford either.Can you flash me please?Password, log idée cadeaux crémaillère in, forgot your password?

OMG fuel injection control unit?
The bike has been out here for 10 years now, and ain't gonna change.
Everyone says "hell yeah then reality does a "total cashectomy" (surgical removal of funds) on your wallet.
Add up all the prices for an H2R exhaust.
All fun till one blows up, or fails.And bumped the bottom line price by 13,000, and the "R" verson by almost.AAnswer 1, bAnswer 2, cAnswer 3, dAnswer.Too much "stock parts" and expense on Kaw's part to ditch it before its time.Now look at the H2's, as mentioned.You want one on your bike?People balk at the price on a C14 currently, and whine about all the shortcomings, like no cruise control, or throttle by wire, or ergo's, or [email protected] 3500 for a supercharger.Where Kaw took a bike that had basically been produced for another decade, and sold for a mderate price, and added a supercharger.

Let's look at this realistically.
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